Alfa Victor


An Vrancken comes from a family of small business owners. During her 25 year career she has developed her profile in sales and management.

An originally trained as a jeweller and would have been the fifth generation in her family. However, in the mid 90’s she had the opportunity to take up a sales role in real estate based in Spain. After 5 years she returned to Belgium and worked as a merchandiser serving the whole of Belgium. In 2001 she relocated to London and had a variety of jobs, starting in market research and ending up as a European Sales Manager for an electronic component company. In this role she managed freelance sales people and distributors having her own corporate accounts (Siemens, Flextronics Europe) across Europe.

In 2014 she was approached by an IT company to expand their sales network in Europe. This was when she decided to found Alfa Victor Consultancy Ltd. Her vision was to have an ethical company within which people are fairly rewarded and valued for their contribution. As a consequence she has now gathered a small team around her with a wide variety of experience across different industry sectors. The aim is to provide the best possible service to customers tailored to their business needs.

After 20 years in sales An decided to study for a degree in Business and Marketing, graduating in 2017 with a First. An speaks five languages: Flemish/Dutch, German, French, English and conversational Spanish.

One drawback: don’t mention chocolate.

Mariolina has been very busy in the last two decades building an incredibly varied profile in sales, procurement and contract management. She has an accurate and innate sense of bridging people and ideas, when she looks after a client she can quickly visualise an appropriate business map.

Drawing from many years of experience in the hyper competitive travel and leisure industry, she studiously monitors this ever changing market, believing that staying current and abreast of the latest industry developments is key to opening many, many doors.

She is a gifted trainer and concise talker who has guided many people through changing or starting careers. Mariolina is very astute with numbers, successfully completed many high budget projects in the travel industry and when necessary implemented drastic cost-saving measures.

In her native Italy, Mariolina completed studies in business and travel. Subsequently, she gained a BA in Modern Languages from the prestigious Birkbeck University in London, at the same time working full time as European operations and contracts manager for Miki Corp. a leading global travel company.

Perhaps her most distinctive quality is the enormous passion she brings to her job, always with a big reassuring smile.

One drawback: Don't mention pizza and pineapple, please!